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Important Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting Your Wedding Dress

Roderick Ng

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Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can often seem to be a difficult task not only for the bride-to-be but also for her family and best friends. If you are gearing up to tie the knot soon, you must have most things in place by now. Even if you are decided on the budget for and silhouette of your wedding dress, there are a few other very important factors that should be kept in mind while zeroing in on the dress of your dreams. Go through the following instructions to have a clear plan in mind: Don’t go by latest...

Tips to Take Care of Your Skin During Winter

Roderick Ng

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Winter invariably comes with its share of dryness and dullness of skin. The moisture content in the air goes down taking a toll on the skin on your face, hands and feet. The dry air can make wrinkles more visible, while also causing the skin to dry or flake. That is why it is even more important to take care of your skin in the winter season. Go through the following tips to know what you should do to make your skin glowing and moisturized during the cold season: Keep it moisturized One of the most basic tips to winter...

Monique Sartor: Life in Design

Roderick Ng

Tags Monique Sartor, sartorial interiors, scented candles

A stunning beauty with a a passion for interior designs. Today we take a few moments to learn more about Monique Sartor and her philosophy on #Interior #design. What inspired you to get into interior design? I've always been passionate about all things creative.  I've got an arts degree and have added to that a diploma in interior design.  Since 1998, I've been drawing and painting - portraits, landscapes, abstracts etc - and as a result have been fascinated by colour.  I started my business with colour consulting and a sink-or-swim approach!  Since then, it's grown to provide a complete...

Master/slave Christmas Operating Hours

Roderick Ng

Saturday 14th December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Sunday 15th December 2013 - CLOSED Monday 16th December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Tuesday 17th December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Wednesday 18th December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Thursday 19th December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Friday 20th December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Saturday 21st December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Sunday 22nd December 2013 - CLOSED Monday 23rd December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Tuesday 24th December 2013 - OPEN 10am - 6pm Wednesday 25th December 2013 - CLOSED Thursday 26th December 2013 - CLOSED Friday 27th December 2013 - OPEN 10am -...

Six important steps to your successful #bridalalterations.

You have bought your gown and its a few weeks before your wedding. Upon receiving your #bridalgown , your supplier failed you. The #gown turns out two sizes too big. What do you do now? Who can you trust? How much more is it going to cost? Six important steps to your successful bridal alterations. 1) Secure your appointment with a reputable company for #bridal gown #alterations immediately. Bridal gown specialists are often booked up to one year in advance. Therefore, it is wise to get in early and book to avoid disappointment. Before you hand over your gown, ensure you...