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A stunning beauty with a a passion for interior designs. Today we take a few moments to learn more about Monique Sartor and her philosophy on #Interior #design.

What inspired you to get into interior design?
I've always been passionate about all things creative.  I've got an arts degree and have added to that a diploma in interior design.  Since 1998, I've been drawing and painting - portraits, landscapes, abstracts etc - and as a result have been fascinated by colour.  I started my business with colour consulting and a sink-or-swim approach!  Since then, it's grown to provide a complete approach to making homes beautiful.
Tell us a little about your professional history?
It was only a few years ago that I took the plunge and chucked the well-paying day job for the dream! While it's had its moments, I haven't looked back!  I've had high profile clients (I won't name them as I value their privacy), but I treat every client the same because their project is important to them.  Also you never know who they know and who they might recommend to you! Besides, I'm obsessed with beautiful interiors and am driven by desire to have as a great outcome as possible!
Interior designing is a very competitive industry , what do you think makes you a stand out leader in the interior design field?
One of my clients once said that they liked working with me because I didn't take a cookie cutter approach to my work.  Every single project is so different - style, colour, budget, scale, everything - so it really is about getting into the client's head, providing great value and excellent service. I bring enthusiasm by the bucket load and as its my business, the buck stops with me and my clients have really valued that in the past.  I also have a fantastic team of experts that I call in on a project by project basis, so the service I can offer really is tailored!
Which aspect of interior design do you specialize in?
I really love the New Traditional style which incorporates contemporary yet timeless and elegant elements into a design.  I love contemporary interpretations of traditional styles.  I love balance and shots of colour.  I love really interesting hero pieces.  And whenever possible I love to introduce something that brings a smile to the face of the viewer!
What is the favourite part of your job?
Of course, I love the creativity of doing a concept.  I love that process....I also love the reveal!  The execution of it all is much more dry but is so important, so I do work through that with discipline and as much thoroughness as possible.
We notice you have a Skype consultation on your website, do you think with the onset of google help outs more and more professionals in your industry will service clients over the net through the aid of videos and real time face chats?
I think we'll see this area grow and grow.  The online world is massive - it can be overwhelming - but it's inevitable, so you've just got to experiment and find out the best way forward for you and your clients.  I think social media and online technology can provide brilliant tools for our industry and we'll continue to develop and add more of these to our portfolio as we move forward.  I personally find it exciting - it too can be so creative!
How will this help revolutionise the way you deliver your services to your clients?
We will, through a number of avenues, provide our clients and followers with helpful information about how to make their homes perfect for them.  There's no right or wrong really and while there are rules, there are always ways around them (lawyers are experts at this, right!!).  So, via videos, newsletters, and by offering great resources as well as a unique and curated catalogue of gorgeous products, we simply aim to inform and assist discerning home owners.
What do you think are the five most common mistakes people do with their residential interiors?
Indecision, fear, impatience, false awareness and unrealistic expectations. 
What remedy would you prescribe for these mistakes?
Basically, process and realism!
First of all identify the issues - eg a small is a small room.  There are a few tricks to make it appear larger but unless you can do structural changes, it will remain a small room.  Once you are honest about what you can and can't achieve, you can eliminate unrealistic expectations.
Then you work with the client on the concept.  The more info you can tease out of them, the better the outcome. Clients often comment that they thought they could transform their home on their own because of all the tv shows and websites out there with great information. This is where the false awareness comes in.  The trick is pulling a look together for a designer look finish and this is not as easy as it seems, which is why a lot of my clients come for my help!  Once we have nailed the concept, we then identify the priorities and how that works within the budget.  This part of the process overcomes both fear and indecision because they can see where we're heading with the whole look, we that we know it will work when it's all together!  Often just taking the first step in incredibly liberating for my clients!
Being creative with a budget is also handy.  Each project varies but you've got to know where you can pull back on cost and where you should spend it.  I will always recommend spending more on the pieces you need to last a long time.  Sometimes this means getting to the destination takes a while for clients to save for various pieces, but at least knowing that we have a plan helps overcome their impatience to get there!!!
I like to remind my clients that this isn't brain surgery - no one will actually die of a decision! So, just do it, make it, get on with it!  And just as importantly, this should involve a level of fun and wonder. I also like to gently push my clients outside their comfort zone, to take a bit of a risk.  I find that's when they usually love the results - because its not what they would've come up with nor would they have had the courage to do it on their own.
What do you see for your business in 2014?
I'm excited about 2014.  My business has really grown in the last six months so I feel next year will build on that.  I'm always excited by new projects and treat each one like an adventure.  I have a game plan and specific goals, so I look forward to each step bringing me closer to achieving those.  I also find it a privilege to get to know and work with each new client, so I look forward to seeing who's world I'll enter next year!!!
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