Important Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting Your Wedding Dress

Roderick Ng

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can often seem to be a difficult task not only for the bride-to-be but also for her family and best friends. If you are gearing up to tie the knot soon, you must have most things in place by now. Even if you are decided on the budget for and silhouette of your wedding dress, there are a few other very important factors that should be kept in mind while zeroing in on the dress of your dreams. Go through the following instructions to have a clear plan in mind:

Don’t go by latest trends while choosing a wedding dress

It is advisable not to go for a wedding dress only because it is in vogue right now. Before you know, a new trend will come replacing your now-stylish wedding dress. Always settle for a dress that is timeless - as that dress of yours is special and will stay with you forever. Your ideal wedding dress should be a combination of modern and traditional elements, and make you feel great about yourself.

Do visit the store early in the day

Make it a point to reach the bridal store as early as you can. The earlier your wedding dress appointment is, the more attentive the store staff is likely to be. The store will be less crowded too, and the assistants would be able to help you out much better than they would in the late evening, after dealing with hundreds of clients. You can also visit some of the online store in Sydney for your bridal dresses to save your time and effort. 

Do try quite a few wedding dresses

Buying a wedding dress is a very important decision of your life. It will remain with you for the years to come. Therefore, do not rush while deciding on your dress. Take time to try as many dresses as you deem right.
Always judge dresses by how they look on your body, and not on hangers. The real shape and look of a dress are only understood when it is worn by a woman.

Don’t try too many dresses

It is a good idea to try a few dresses to know what suits you best, but do not get into the trap of trying on every other dress you can lay your hands on. It is generally found that even if some ladies visit a dozen stores looking for her perfect wedding dress, she usually goes back to the first one to zero in on one of the dresses she saw first. Visit a store that has a collection by three of your most favorite designers.

Dont bother too much about your dress sizing

Wedding dresses are two to three sizes larger than your regular size. Do not get shocked when you first discover this difference. Stop looking at the label and concentrate on how you look in it instead.

Do keep in mind that wedding dresses are non returnable

While shopping for a wedding dress, do not forget that once a dress or an accessory is bought, it cannot be returned. Do not invest in stuff that do not go with the general mood of your wedding. Be cautious while buying accessories. Your money would go to waste if you invest in unmatched accessories.

Do ask questions while shopping

Ask yourself whether you look and feel nice in the dress. You should be able to sit, move around and dance comfortably in the dress too.



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