Why Master/slave Couture?

Posted by Roderick Ng on

When we set about designing for our clients, our focus is completely “you”.

Designing for the individual is about personalizing fashion. Personalizing fashion sets Couture apart from high street fashion or what I like to call “high stress fashion” and ready to wear.

The art of couture may start with customized designs to suit your needs. If you need a hem short or a sleeve added to your gown, the couture process can do precisely this. With one exception, from beginning to end, a couture masterpiece is designed, created and hand-finished with you and your needs in mind.

These special touches make not only the experience of getting something designed by Master/slave special, the finished product is a beautiful memento born out of the journey we travel together.

An example of how your Master/slave Fashion can be customized. Add handmade flowers to your waistband, a personal and special touch to your unique fashion.