Shopping for Bridesmaids - Your Ten Most Common Questions Answered.

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Bride Asks: “I am getting married, I don’t know where to start with my bridesmaids shopping.”

Read the ten most common questions Weddings by Master/slave gets asked, and here are our answers for your entertainment.

1) What colour palette would you suggest for bridesmaids?

Every season fashion colours for bridesmaids couture changes. Master/slave provides a variety of up-to-the minute options in bridesmaid fashion colours. A selected collection of bridesmaid's styles in new trend colours are available in store. They are available for your bridesmaids to preview and try on. We also provide swatches for your perusal. If we don’t have the colour you require, we can source it for you.

2) Which styles would be most suitable for my bridesmaids? , I have five bridesmaids and they are all in different shapes and are in different sizes.

We are experienced in fitting bridesmaids in all shapes and sizes. Our signature draped style gowns suit all sizes and shapes. The bias cut dresses are flattering on all female figures. Colour choice is important to highlight the strengths of your bridesmaids’ figure. Consider navy for a timeless feeling. Navy is deep and suitable for bridesmaids of all sizes.

Picture: The Juliette - a classic example of Master/slave signature draped biased cut gowns perfect for all body shapes.

3) One of my bridesmaid is pregnant, help!

Master/slave regularly designs for changing body shapes. We look after the whole process from beginning to end. We work with you to deliver your bridal/bridal party fashion as close to your special event date as possible so that all garments fit beautifully during or post pregnancy. We do a few fittings leading up to the wedding. The trick with pregnant ladies is to keep the fitting minimal and complete the garment closer to the wedding date to anticipate any last minute changes.

4) I have five bridesmaids, One of my bridesmaid is overseas.

Master/slave can design all your bridesmaids dresses to fit the girls that are in town, when you provide us with the measurements of your bridesmaid (residing overseas) we then complete eighty percent of the dress and upon her arrival, we will finish her dress and deliver the hand detailed garment just before your special day. In some cases, when the bridesmaid is committed to attend the fittings, we have finished a perfect garment for the bridesmaids in as little as one/ two fittings.

Picture: All designs are Weddings by Master/slave. Bride (Jen Proctor, a very happy bride. On the week of the wedding, bridesmaid Roseanna (lives in London) on the far right came into Master/slave and got her dress fitted and finished in two fittings. They all look fabulous at the wedding.

 5) I have four bridesmaids and two flower girls. I want them to match. Can you do that?

Master/slave can design and custom make flower girls’ dresses to complement all bridesmaids. We recognize some clients like a coordinated bridal party. We are experienced in designing for growing children to anticipate their growth spurts and height requirements.

6) One of my bridesmaid is my sister and she is younger than most of my bridesmaids. What can you do so she does not look like she is wearing something that is not suitable for her age?

We can work with you and offer design solutions that would ensure all bridesmaids’ gowns are complementary. Choosing the right style/s and the right colour to meet all their needs are matters of careful consideration and happy compromise. There are many necklines, styles and colours you can choose from to ensure all parties look gorgeous. If there are nothing you like in store - we can design it from scratch, just for you.

We recommend halter neckline for younger bridesmaids. Halter is modern yet modest, this is most appropriate for younger bridesmaids.

7) What about shoes? What type of shoes would you recommend? Where would I find appropriate shoes to match my bridesmaids’ gowns?

As an added value service to our clients, Master/slave can work with you to research and give you recommendation on shoe styles and accessories for your bridal party. This is something we are happy to help you with. we are also able to provide swatches for your bridesmaids dresses, The swatches will come in handy when you are visit shoe shops to compare shoes and colour match.

8) My wedding is overseas. Can I have my dresses earlier before I fly out?

On our first meeting with you, you are welcome to let us know which date of delivery suits you best. Upon deposit and order, you will experience the design process in various stages of construction. Your garments are then hand-finished and submitted on time for your consideration. If we can finish it earlier to meet your travelling itinerary, we will call you to inform you every step of the way. This is a negotiated process between two parties. You are welcome to update us on your changing deadlines.

9) My mum, bridesmaids and I live interstate. Can you help?

We have successfully completed many brides and bridesmaids living interstates or overseas. This is not a problem for us. Master/slave can have everything ready for your fittings, when you and your bridesmaids are organized and committed to attend your allocated fittings. Success is guaranteed. This is not a problem for us.

10) How much do you charge for my bridesmaids dresses?

The question we often ask our bride is " What is your budget for your bridesmaids’ dresses?" Are you paying for it in full or are your bridesmaids committed to paying some or all of their own gowns? If they could pay some or all of the gowns, it could help you alleviate less financial stress.  Master/slave works with you to reach a happy medium and find a design solution that would both meet your aesthetic vision and your financial goals. To find out more give us a call.

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