Master/slave Candles featured in November 2012 issue of Spa Australasia Magazine!

 See Master/slave Candles (Incandescent Luxe) in Volume 51,  November 2012 of SPA Australasia Magazine.

Left Page: Spa Australasia November 2012 Cover, Right Page: Master/slave Incandescent Luxe (Pink Arrow) as seen in the Burning Desire editorial, Master/slave Candle Description No.3.

Editorial reads:

Burning Desire

Fragrance is an integral part of a spa's ambience. With an explosion of products on the market, there is a scent and style to suit every decor, colour scheme and theme.

3) Master/slave Candles are a french inspired designer range of five fragrances comprising six per cent essential oils in soy wax that burn 40+ hours. Satin white jars packaged in a chic white tubular canister and covered with linen textured paper wrap and tin make them highly retailable as well. +61-2 9327 5413

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