Duo Tone Collection Update

Above photo: A taste of what to expect in the new Master/slave's Duo Tone Collection.

Master/slave is working on a new "Duo Tone" collection. The collection introduces tonal colours for designer dresses.
Master/slave designer, Eleni Kondos, created a balloon hem that is spontaneous and flattering for women of all heights and statures. The new season saw her reinterpret uneven hem line in a clever swoop, manipulating the fabrics through folds and twists. These new details create visual statements that add more value to her dresses. Kondos' signature draping techniques are updated every collection. Each season a revision of complex techniques, articulating a cleaner visual statement. 

"Modern women want to look beautiful, they want to invest in pieces that last" , shared Kondos

Indeed they do, on the outside the dresses appeared classical and timeless.  Her technique is almost naive in their simplicity but look beyond the folds, its ingenius. Her sartorial swords are sharpen every season, bringing her clients and colleagues alike more dressing intrigue. They are all trying to figure out, "how exactly did she do that ? ".

With many of her designs, women of all sizes and shapes can excel at creating a glamourous designer dress style. They can achieve all this without sacrificing comfort and enjoyment.

Photo: Angelina, third design from the Duo Tone Collection

The Duo Tone collection makes designer dressing fun again with a swathe of delectable colour palette. The colour palette on offer creates visual impact that are suitable for many skin tones, the trimmings are contemporary and her detailing astute, illustrating her strong grasp of her client's lifestyle needs. Kondos' new collection found her designs self-lined and soft to touch. This cuts down time so women everywhere can end the difficult task of having to figure out what to where. Her finishes are as per usual, meticulous and heart-felt. Kondos' experience in designing couture extended her the insight to anticipate neckline requests of her clients. The collection consists of a variety of beautiful necklines all so flattering, so wearable.

Alas, a beautiful beginning to another covetable collection. These sensual dresses I assure, you will want to wear again and again. Kondos' new collection for Master/slave is most suitable for tropical isle wedding escapades, eastern suburbs debutante balls,  launches and celebrities filled red carpets, a collective of clients she knows so well.

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