Master/slave dresses Bachelor Henry Budd for Cleo magazine.

Henry Budd's pain in pursuit of gain

IT'S not easy going up against the likes of Olympic champions and soapie studs for the honour of shmickest single bloke in Australia for 2011, but Henry Budd is all about preparation.

Over the past week, The Daily Telegraph journo has studied the guide to ultimate style (some may have heard the chest wax screams) ahead of tonight's official crowning of the Cleo Bachelor of the Year. Have you voted for him?

HAIR A stylist from the on-trend Schwarzkopf team (who usually spends her days at fashion shows and movie shoots) flew from Melbourne specifically to lop Henry's locks. Scruffy/spikey was the end product.

SUIT The Darlinghurst designers and celebrity outfitters at Master/Slave, who have dressed the likes of Guy Sebastian and Sam Neill, picked out a satin lapel tuxedo for tonight's black tie affair. Sleek.

CHEST WAX Sarah Wilkinson, owner of Eastern Suburbs beauty mecca Skin Matrix, warned that pain killer Nurofen was a necessity for first-time waxes.

FACIAL Nothing like a 30-minute express facial (for the guy on the go) using all natural products from the leading male skin specialists at MANKiND in Surry Hills. Ready for a close-up.

FITNESS Budd was buffed up through some sessions with super trainer Neil Russell, who has worked with such Gladiators as Russell Crowe. Helped sweat out the cakes and cookies made by adoring fans.

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