Bridal Black Market.

Dear Bride-to-be,

It has come to our attention that there is an emerging trends of people buying weddings gowns from online/ offshore manufacturers and reselling those bad quality counterfeits and passing them off as second hand "authentic original" branded items on second hand gowns trading website.

"If you are a bride-to-be looking for a more economical option for your bridal gown, why not get a beautiful and simple gown made?". Buying second hand wedding gowns online does not guarantee you quality, fit nor authenticity, there are no warranties on gowns or certifications that can prove a gown is infact what the listing claims it to be. Even so, The bridal black market has also learnt to provide similar counterfeit suit bags, labels, swing tags, certifications and authencity cards printed at their local vista print.

Image: Weddings by Master/slave's Juliette Gown, Original designer gowns.

A quality gown and authenticity in brand can only be bought at an official stockist of that brand and the reason why they cost what they cost at the stores are because the gown is design to fit its purpose, the brand is in fact the real thing. You can be sure of its pedigree and authenticity because you are able to track back the origins of the gowns through a transparent supply chain. One final thing, anytime if you are unhappy with your gown purchase, fit or quality, you always have the peace of mind in knowing that the store you bought it from is established and experienced. They are equiped with a wealth of knowledge to help you with all your wedding fashion needs.




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