Bluewick - Apricot Wax - Scented candle innovation

Posted by Roderick Ng on

Background on Apricot wax.

Years in the making, Bluewick's new proprietary all vegetable apricot wax is the latest in home fragrance innovation.  Select Bluewick fragrance collections are exclusively poured with this high end, clean burning wax. Extracted from the apricot kernal, this precious oil, when refined, creates the cleanest palate to blend intricate fragrance. The extraction process, although very sophisticated, is quite simple.  The oil retrieved from cold pressing the apricot kernal is transformed into a solid wax form through complicated cycles of hydrogenation.  The result is a candle product that burns up to 80% cleaner than a 100% soy wax candle - with significant reductions in smoke and soot. Even better, candles made from our apricot wax have greater fragrance load and enhanced permeation. Above all, Bluewick's new wax continues to promote their Be Green initiative which dedicates Bluewick's manufacturing to eco-forward philosophies and practices.  

Excerpt/paragraph - from Bluewick website.