Preparation for #Monstermoon .

Roderick Ng

Note: If you are an astrology lover chances are you would have heard of a famous lady by the name of Susan Miller. We have been following Susan Miller's Astrologyzone monthly posts for the last ten years. On 27th March 2013, a few planets will clash to reveal the Monster full moon tension.

If you need a little therapy, we would recommend the following items;

Upon this “#Monstermoon”, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay indoors. Instead of going out in the midst of chaos, why not watch Mulholland Drive by David Lynch? A movie that gave Naomi Watts her first big break in Hollywood, this film is a classic noir genre film with lots of “Twin Peaks” moment without Kyle Maclachlan. Awww.

If you have seen it and not in the mood for more histrionics, give Royal Apothic scented candles a go.  Royal Apothic candle comes in, you guessed it - Mulholland Drive! This candle is the perfect accompaniment to a nice book. Gentle Marine top notes blended with Night Blooming Jasmine, Particular to Southern California with a crisp base of Eucalyptus. It would take you there. AUD44.95 .

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Madama Butterfly is a famous Italian Opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini. When you encounter the “unexpected” confrontation this #Monstermoon, do not act like lead character, Cio-Cio San. Instead of self-harm, tell it to someone who cares. Jot it all down in minute details in your new Elastico Journal. This high quality journal by Instituto Fotocromo Italiano can keep your secrets private and your affairs. AUD20. Shop Elastico Journals Now:


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