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1) Can you tell us a little bit about your wedding dresses and the type of fashion and bridal services you offer?

Master/slave retails fashion, bridal and lifestyle products. Our Fashion are often spotted on red carpets across Australia, worn by the hottest rising star in music and established, sophisticated artistes on television and movies. We retail, made to order gowns and bridesmaid dresses that are original, luxurious and made in Australia. We also retail custom made bridal shoes, fashion and lifestyle products such as our very popular 100% soy candles, also made in Australia. Our Men’s suits are also popular but Menswear is presented to our exclusive clients via appointment only.

2) What’s the history behind your business, and how did you get started in the fashion industry?

Master/slave has been around for more than 7 years, Famous for designing Julie Sebastian’s wedding gown (now wife to Guy Sebastian), Master/slave’s designs has been bought and worn by Delta Goodrem, Jessica Mauboy , Natalie Bassingthwaighte and many celebrated male/female music and television artistes in Australia and beyond.

3) There are a lot of different wedding dress makers around Australia, each one with different style, background, preferences, what is your philosophy behind each of your wedding dresses?

First and foremost, Weddings by Master/slave is a couture brand. We have the history and experience of being in the Australian fashion landscape creating beautiful and cutting edge pieces for both celebrities and clients alike.

We present to Australian brides a philosophy that is simple. Weddings by Master/slave, brings you a whole new world of options in the way of sophisticated bridal dressing. Unlike other bridal houses, we bring to the market a fresh youthful aesthetic to bridal dressing. Our gowns are a great departure from the more traditional styles that are currently offered in the market.

Greatly influence by Vionnet’s Parissien draped techniques, Master/slave brings you a wondrous world of bridal luxury through simplicity and quality workmanship. Our Clients are sophisticated and modern. They appreciate the timelessness of classic silhouettes and are also well versed in the current mode of fashion. They come to us for the delicate balance of both. Our clients appreciate our modern aesthetic combined with classical knowledge in fashion.

4) Where does the process of “creating” a wedding dress start… can you describe for us the process from original idea to the final product?

A classic couture house is built upon signature looks designed by the designers. A couture brand has signature looks that are revisited time and time again, season after season, years after years. Master/slave is able to do this every year, revisiting the designs that head designer, Eleni Kondos has produced. We look at it from a different eye’s view, constantly updating our designs, making it more contemporary to fit the needs of current brides. Every client is a new invention, all details are customised to suit the needs of individual bride making it a truly unique experience, an incredibly personal couture piece. New successful pieces are added to the archive every season. The designs kept on the archive are constantly updated to ensure they are fitting the needs of our clients. That’s what makes them successful designs. All dresses have to stand the test of time.

5) What drives you to success? What makes you tick in the wedding dress industry?

Weddings by Master/slave is synonymous with modern designs, our gowns have been described as “a breath of fresh air” in the bridal industry by media and clients alike. We seek to provide unique wedding gowns that modern women love to wear. Our couture experience is personal and exclusive. We aim to present sophisticated women everywhere the option of having truly unique bridal gowns through simplicity and fine craftsmanship.

6) What type of bride is your target audience?

Our Clients are interested in fashion and luxury but are not constraints by what magazines dictate, they are interested in the beauty of simplicity and modern moods in fashion.

7) What is the average day in a busy day of a wedding dress company?

We handle a lot of bookings online and on the phone. We are also busy designing and finishing wedding gowns for our clients.

8.) What are some of the questions, brides need to ask before getting a wedding dress?

i)Be upfront about how much you want to spend on your gown, ask whether they offer a payment plan or if you can pay in installments.

ii)What undergarment do I need with this dress?

iii)What if I lose weight?

iv)When can I collect my gown? Make this date between both parties clear.

v)Can you make my bridesmaids’ and Mother’s outfit?

9) How do you deal with Bridezillas? ;) or difficult customers?

Based on our experience, bride-to-be experience a tremendous amount of pressure and stress when organizing their own wedding event. It is because of this, sometimes their judgement is impaired by stress. We recommend that, if you are a bride-to-be and you are experiencing a tremendous amount of pressure and stress, focus on one task at a time and consult a wedding planner if one has the luxury to do so. We find that the most successful dresses we have done have always been for brides that enjoy the journey with us, and that are calm and least stressed.

Have faith and trust in your designers if you have ordered your gown from them. If you are unsure, shop around.

10) Do you remember your favourite wedding dress? Can you describe it in detail?

We have many gowns that are on our favourite list. Every dress is as beautiful as the last. We love every single one that we have done for a bride, this is because every bride is a different client, and each dress is never the same.

11) Now it’s time for you to shine and tell us what makes your wedding dresses amazing…. time for some self marketing. If any bride is looking for a wedding dress, why should they contact you.

Clients come to Weddings by Master/slave because we have a history in Australian Fashion for producing incredible couture fashion. We are constantly in inundated with bridal orders because of our reputation for producing beautiful and refreshing gowns. Our hand made flowers and original motifs on bridal gowns are what inspires bride to be. If you are looking for a point of difference in your bridal gowns, look no further than Weddings by Master/slave. Our Double Bay Boutique showcases some of the most original styles of bridal gowns on the market today. Call to make an appointment to find out for yourself why so many celebrities and clients alike love Weddings by Master/slave.

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