Mother-in-Law's Day

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Hands Have it!

Mother's Day - 12th May 2013

Buying a gift for your mum on this special day is somewhat difficult, but for some of us that has the job of having to buy for your mother-in-law this mothers' day is a whole new game all together. Not only do you have to think about what that gift says about you, that gift you bought her might also be a reflection of what you thought of her. To ensure the language of love is not lost in translation, Master/slave breaks it down for you and keep this buying experience a positive and funfilled experience.


Mother-in-laws love hand creams. They love it for its moisturizing benefits. They also love it because it is handy in the bag, for overnight trips and practical to have around the house. When you buy her a hand cream, she is always reminded that you are never going to leave her. Of course, how this message is interpreted in her mind is strictly up to her. Why should you be so generous? You may ask, well there are many reasons to keep your mother in law happy. For starters, your partner will always be pleased with you, secondly, even 'thing' from The Addams' Family needs a little tlc. Naturally European Hand Cream - in Ginger & Lime, AUD18.95

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Image: 'thing' , from the Addams Family needs some TLC, just like your mother in law.


Mmmm...She Smells Lovely!

Our experience of mother in law has been very positive indeed. She is kind, generous and always there to lend a helping hand when you need it. Life however, is not all about taking, we must also find a way to reciprocate and give back to the ones that give us the most. Le Blanc scented sachets are beautifully presented and smell just divine! She will love to keep her linen closets fresh with Le Blanc scented sachets in - FIGUE. Made in France. AUD6.95 each.

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She Is A Classy Lady.

Laura Ashley is the brand to go to for feminine beauty. If you mother in law loves chintz and floral print, she will definitely appreciate Laura Ashley soaps for Mother's day. A brand of distinguished quality, when you give your mother-in-law this stunning soap you are saying you think she is a classy lady! Laura Ashley soaps come in an assortment of beautifully packaged and scented styles, Try Fleur Anglaise for a classic english style. Creamy triple milled soaps AUD22.95 each. 

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Express Yourself

If all else fail and she has everything and you can't possibly figure out what she likes. One must rely on one's instinct. Does she love pets? Is she fond of having animal companions? Why not send her a card? A beautiful italian card can say just as much as a wrapped gift. If you are not a wordsmith and you need a helping hand, Master/slave has prepared a little excerpt for you.

Dear (Insert Mother-in-law's name here),

My life changed when I met (Insert your partner's name here). To my surprise,

I have had the good luck of having you in my life. 

Well, what can I say ? I am speechless.

Happy Mother's Day!

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