Guide to Choose Your Perfect Bridal Dress

Roderick Ng

Since your childhood you have fantasized about your perfect man as a knight riding on a white horse! And now when you are all set to walk down the aisle, you are more nervous than you thought you would be.

The thought about an ill-fitting wedding dress or the fear of splurging on outrageously expensive dress is troubling you day and night. Discussion with family and friends is not helping either. Probably you need something better, may be an expert's advice!

I know from my experience that shopping for a wedding dress can turn out to be really tiring, if you do not have a clear idea of the exact dress you want. However, do not worry. Little bit of research will help you select the right bridal gown.

Here is a lowdown on the guidelines that will help you -

1. What’s your budget?

Decide the budget before you start shopping. Nowadays most brides wear a separate gown for the reception party. If you also have a similar idea on mind, take into consideration the expense of two dresses.

Picture: Scarf dress - Weddings by Master/slave as featured on


2. What type of dress will complement your figure?

You are plus size? No worries! There are many shops that specialize only in selling plus size bridal dresses. You don’t have to wear a dress that instead of hiding your flaws highlights them. Also, don’t just follow fashion trends blindly. You don’t have to wear an off shoulder wedding gown like the one that Katie Holmes wore (BTW it was a custom Valentino gown). If something doesn’t complement your figure – reject it even if it’s very much in. If you are short then opt for the trumpet style dress. Go for long fitted gowns if you have a tall and hourglass figure.

3. What’s the wedding theme? What’s the weather?

Ask yourself this question before you step into any bridal shop. If you are having a beach wedding, choose a breezy wedding dress.  If it’s summers, choose lightweight fabrics like chiffon. Remember along with style, you also need to prioritize comfort. After all you do not want to walk the aisle sweating in your heavy bridal dress right?

Picture: Chiffon styles - Brand: Weddings by Master/slave as see on #ElleChina website.

4. How about accessories?

Do not go over-the-top while buying accessories. This is a common mistake which most brides do. Remember - You are a bride not a Christmas tree! For a simple bridal dress wear a birdcage veil. With a strapless wedding gown wear a vintage pendant. If it’s a white gown then avoid gold accessories. Instead opt for platinum or pearl. Again for accessories also the comfort rule applies. If you are not comfortable wearing danglers then opt for little stud earrings.

Last but not the least – don’t panic. Panic shopping often leads to purchases that are anything but right for you!

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