4 Tricks to a Perfect Wedding Look

Roderick Ng

Nervous about your big-day look? No worries! In what follows is a general run through about  preparing for the wedding day.

1. Skincare: Make sure you have a well-planned skincare routine. Remember wearing expensive makeup products will not help you attain the desired look until and unless you have a healthy glowing skin. And to achieve a glowing skin, you need to follow a healthy diet at least 1-2 months in advance.
Focus upon your brows and teeth. These are two most important aspects that brides generally ignore. Remember well-arched brows and healthy white teeth will make a big difference to your look. After all, you do not want everyone to  look at your stained yellow teeth while you pose for the shutterbugs.

2. Bridal Dress: Internet is the best medium to find out the famous bridal dress dealers. For instance, if you live in Sydney just Google 'Bridal dresses Sydney', 'Sydney Bridal Dresses' or 'Bridal dresses in Sydney'. With a click of the mouse, you will get a long list of famous bridal dress dealers in Sydney.

Tip: if you are someone who loves donning the trends, opt for strapless bridal dresses. They are quite in the trend. Alternatively, you can also opt for cap lace dresses or chiffon ones. Whatever style you choose – make sure that the dress suits the nature of the wedding and most importantly is comfortably to wear. Remember rather than going with what's in, choose a dress that complements your body shape.

3. Shoes: Most brides love spending on gorgeous expensive stilettos. While bold sandals or stilettos are a nice option for the wedding day, try and buy something that you can wear  again and again after the big day. Remember you do not want to spend a fortune on a shoe that you can only wear to specific occasions.

Tip: Shoes should be comfortable. Remember you do not want to become the laughing stock by walking in something that you are not comfortable in. If you have got high heels for yourself, do make it a point to practice walking in them for 10-15 days before the wedding.

4. Hair: Book your hair dresser in advance. Interact with several hair dressers before you zero in on a particular one. Choose a hair dresser who understands your overall style and look.
Note: do not leave the hair trial for the last day. Try out 4-5 different hairstyles a week in advance. Take second opinion as you choose the hairstyle for your wedding. Choose a hairstyle that complements your face structure and most importantly looks apt for the day.

Do not trim your hair once you have gone through the hair trial. Remember you need to have the same length of hair to style it (as decided) for the wedding.

Planning to opt for a hair colour before the wedding? Make sure that you get your hair coloured at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding. Three weeks will be enough for your hair to get settled with the colour.

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