5 Ways to Help Men Zero In On the Right Fragrance

Posted by Roderick Ng on

Are you always confused searching for the right fragrance? Do you struggle to choose between 5-10 bottles of fragrance at the store? Well, finding the right signature fragrance is more of an art that reflects your individual taste and personality. Read further as we show you the ropes of choosing your signature fragrance - that will define you perfectly.

1. Understand the family of fragrances - Well, it will be quite easy for you to choose the right fragrance, once you become aware about the main families of fragrance. Fragrances are mainly divided into -

•    floral
•    woody
•    amber 


In addition to the above-mentioned fragrances, modern family of fragrances include:

•    green scents
•    aquatic scents
•    citrus-based scents

Light and fresh

2. Consider your personality: Choose the fragrance that reflects your personality. Here are a few examples:

Sporty men prefer to go with fresh citrus, aquatic fragrances. These fragrances are associated with words like – energetic and vigour.  

Romantically inclined men prefer floral scents.

Dominating and head strong men prefer heady fougere cologne. They also go with musky, amber-based scent.

Fougere Perfume


3. Do not make an impulsive choice: Well, most of us buy a fragrance at the first instance itself. This is not ideally the right thing to do. Making multiple visits to the store to choose among the different fragrances will help you zero in on the right fragrance. After all, you do not want to settle with anything ordinary or not your type.

Note: going by what the experts have to say, not more than 3 scents should be sniffed in one session. Scents should not be sniffed consecutively. A break of a minute or two should be taken. To clean your nasal palette, use a scarf or cloth is between the smells.  


4. Think about your lifestyle: Yes, you read that right. Your lifestyle, the place where you work -all play an important role in the selection of the right fragrance. For instance, if you are buying the fragrance for office wear, opt for a light scent; reason – you would not want to wear anything that your colleagues might find irritating. If you are a frequent traveler, consider choosing a day-to-night scent.  If you are more into partying, opt for a stronger scent.

5. Try out different combinations: Instead of sticking to one scent, you can always mix and match different scents for a unique fragrance. However, for this you have to be a fragrance expert.  For the first timers, you can start with something such as sexy, musky scent and couple it up with a sweet floral fragrance.

Buying the right fragrance initially can always be confusing. However, it's not bad taking a second opinion right? So if your mind juggles between 2-3 different scents, consider asking for an opinion from the sales personnel.  

Tip: once you know which fragrance suits you the best, you can buy them online.  You will find different perfumes for men online. And what's best? You can get them at highly competitive prices.  You just need to type in 'men's perfume online' or 'perfume online' to get a list of websites selling perfume for men.