3 Ways to Make A Fancy Toiletry Basket At Home

Posted by Roderick Ng on

Confused how to keep the toiletries organised? Well, instead of heading to your near departmental store for a toiletry bag, pause for a second. How about making a toiletry basket at home? A toiletry basket is a great gift idea too. Convenient to carry and aesthetically appealing - it will impress all. So next time when you have to select a gift for  your friend (who is a frequent traveler) consider a toiletry basket.  

In what follows is how to make a toiletry basket at home: Take a look -

1. Decide the theme of the toiletry basket: Arrange the basket based on a particular fragrance. For instance, in a vanilla themed basket keep toiletry items like bar soap, shaving gel, body wash, deodorant, shampoo, lotion and sunscreen with vanilla fragrance.
In addition to vanilla,  other fruity fragrances that you can choose from are- strawberry, kiwi, vanilla, pineapple etc. Other scents that you can choose for the basket are - spring rain, gingerbread,  cinnamon, magnolia and chocolate.

Tip: Search for toiletries online. Simply Google 'wholesale toiletries', 'fragrance online', or 'toiletries online' to get a long list of websites that deal with toiletry items. Remember buying toiletries and fragrances online is a wise decision; reason – greater variety and competitive prices.


2. Decide the colour of the basket: For instance, if you like green, purchase items that are green in colour such as green soap container, green toothbrush, green disposable razors and green carved soaps. Buy green coloured travel sized bottles with green lids.
Note: if you are planning to gift the toiletry basket, be careful about its overall look. Do not put the toiletries in the basket directly. First place shredded filler followed by the toiletry products. Use green cellophane paper to wrap the basket. Tie the basket with a ribbon (optional).

3. Prepare a rhymed toiletry basket: Confused? Well, instead of simply buying different toiletry items and stacking them up in a fancy basket, you can do something different and interesting. Just choose any alphabet (preferably your name's first letter) and name your basket. For instance if you are Lauren,  tag your basket as L.  Fill in your toiletry basket with lavender scented hand soap, lavender scented shampoo, lime scented body wash and other essential toiletry items infused with lavender or lime scent.

Tip: Instead of same scented toiletries, you can also opt for a brand of toiletries that start with the letter L.