Eye Makeup Tricks

Roderick Ng

Want to look perfect for your evening party? Focus more upon your eyes. Perfect combination of eyeliner, mascara and eye shadows can make your eyes look attractive and charismatic.

Here is a lowdown on the fail proof shades you can use over your eyes. Take a look -

1. Eye make up for blue-eyes:

Brown, Grey and pale pinks are a few choice shades that go well with blue eyes. These colours will create a memorable look that will go well for cocktail and formal occasions. Special evenings call for metallics, slate and copper. However, you need to be careful about the right quantity usage. Excess use of eye colour can make your make up look too flamboyant.

Evening make up idea: Jet black mascara looks fabulous on blue eyes. Team it up with black or brown eye liner for evening or late night parties. The combination of slate and black looks splendid in the evening. It will give your eyes a smouldering and intense look.

Note: if you are going too high on your eye makeup, tone down your lips a bit.Opt for a neutral lip colour instead. Highly dramatic eyes with extreme  lipsticks do not really go well. Pick a peachy brown shade or any other neutral colour that complements your skin tone and most importantly your dress. Cheeks can be left nude. A light sweep of blush can also give photo finish dimension to the face.

2. Eye make up for green-eyes:

Opt for red-based eye makeup. Red-based colours such as deep plum or purple will widen the look of your eyes.  Match two different shades of the same colour on the eyes. For instance deep plum on the outer edge of the eyes coupled with light purple in the inner eye will look amazing. You also have the option of shading the socket with a deeper tone of plum while you wash the lid with purple eye shadows. 

Ideal tones for green eyes: plum, lavender, lilac and dark green. Opt for soft eyeliners such as brown. For special occasions, gold or copper eyeliner will rightfully complement your green eyes.
Go with metallics. They will look best with green eyes. However, avoid silver colour. Opt for dark green or brown eyeshadows teamed up with gold eyeliner. These eye makeup products will complement your eyes well and bring out its aesthetic beauty.

Do not wear black eyeliner. Remember black eyeliner will make your eyes look very harsh. If you are a lover for dark eyeliners, opt for dark or chocolate brown eyeliner. You can even get some very high quality plum kohl pencils or crayons. 
Tip: apply white eyeliner in the inner rim of the corner of your eyes. It will make them pop up nicely.

3. Eye make up for brown-eyes:

They do not have to stick with any particular eye makeup shades. They can explore eye make- up products in various colours.

Deep brown eyes: Medium and dark eye shadows will look best on you. Charcoal gray, plum and forest green are some of the hot picks. Dark mauves and browns can also be your choice if you want to play it safe with colours. For socket accents you can start with light washes of mustard then layer the colour with chocolates and dark brown tofinish. This creates a deep socket contour and opens up the eyes when you finally apply a top eye shadow colour that is light on the the lid areas.  

Medium brown eyes: Bronze, green and violet can be your pick. However, you can try other neutral shades too. Going by the makeup experts, medium brown-eyed girls have maximum options in eye makeup colours.
Tip: Pair neutral eye shadow with bold colour eyeliner such as copper and bronze. This combination will work best for evenings.

Light brown eyes: Dark brown colour should be your first choice. Avoid wearing black eyeliner. Instead opt for champagne tones such as bronze and rose.

Tip: Wear natural makeup products on your eyes. Natural makeup products are not harmful for the eyes. You can comfortably wear natural makeup products on your eyes.

Note: Search for eye makeup products online. You can find an extensive variety of new makeup products online that are not usually available offline. All you need to do this is to type in 'new makeup products' 'makeup products online' or 'natural makeup products' -  and you will get a list of websites dealing with new makeup products.



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